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Cultural Programs


Mbaise Cultural Association, Michigan hosts some cultural events in line with the culture and traditions of the Mbaise people. Every August, the organization celebrates the "New Yam Festival" called "Iriji" in igbo language. Iriji is a tradition that was handed down by the ancestors of the Mbaise people. It is a thanksgiving to God for the gift of harvest and in particular, the harvesting of yams. In addition, it marks the end of the farming season.

Yam (shown below), is an important crop in Igbo land and in particular, in Mbaise. It is a symbol of prestige and affluence. This is why men who harvest it in abundance are coronated with the title of "Ezeji" which means "King of yams."

A yam barn and an Eze (king) toasting to roasted yams.

yams in a barn Igbo king toasting yam

Every Year, the organization celebrates the New Yam festival (Iri ji).

MCAM Women and members dancing to traditional Igbo music at Iri ji ceremony.

Mothers' Day

Mothers' are invaluable and the Mbaise Cultural Association dedicates a day to honor our mothers. On our Mothers' Day event, we come together to salute and celebrate our beloved and cherished mothers. Here are some photos from our Mothers' Day event!

our mothers a member and wife yams in a barn High Chief and his wife Patron and his wife A member and his wife Our mothers at a table Sir Jo Obi Reverand Father and Sister Ex Chairman and his wife Mr. Aguwa and his wife A member and his wife A member and her mother Our mothers together Dr Obi and wife Mothers at a table Mothers at a table Mothers at a table