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Mbaise Culture and Customs

The Igbo tribe and in extension Mbaise has rich culture and traditions. This ranges from food, clothing, shelter, language and everyday life in general. This page illustrates some of Mbaise's culture and traditions.

Iyi ala Acharacassava

Iyi ala - this is a pond from where local residents fetch water for every day use except drinking.

Akirika - made from palm fronds. Palm fronds are leaves from palm trees. This is used for various endeavors in Mbaise. Examples include house roofing and yard fencing.

Ugburu (Cassava) - this is an important crop in Mbaise. It is a root crop used to make several foods such as akpu (fufu), garri and ugburu ocha.

coconut and cassava palm wine plantain bunch

Ugburu ocha na aku (Cassava and coconut) - this is a local delicacy in Mbaise. Ugburu ocha is made from Cassava (described above).

Ngwo (Palm wine) - is a natural wine tapped from the palm tree. It is used in traditional events such as marriage, burial, child naming to name a few.

A bananna bunch

Ngbam Uku seed

Nkwu (palm tree) - Palm tree is a very useful resource in Igbo land and in Mbaise in particular. Several items such as palm wine, palm oil and palm kennel are derved from it. The leaves can be used for roofing, fencing and extracts from the palm kennel can be used as fuel for cooking. In addition, the nuts from the palm kennel can be processed into a medicinal body lotion called "Elaku."

Ngbam/Usu (melon cake) - is a local delicacy made from melon (egusi). It is served to guests in events such as marriages, burial and child naming ceremonies.

Ugu - is a very useful crop and vegetable in Mbaise. The seeds from the crop can be cooked and eaten. Ugu leaves serves as vegetable for cooking various types of Igbo soups.

Oji Ibgo Plantian bunch Ukpo

Oji (Kolanut) - is an important item in Mbaise and Igbo land in general. It is presented to guests by their hosts as a welcome gesture. It is used in different cultural events such as traditional marriages, burials and child naming ceremonies. Kolanut is cherished in Mbaise. It is celebrated by some part of the community in a cultural event known as "Oji Mbaise."

A plantain bunch

Ukpo - this local crop is used as a thickening for soup.